How long does an orangery design take?

If you are thinking or making improvement in your living place which can also increase resale value of the place and make your place more attractive, the best is do so through introducing orangery conservatory at your place. Once you have decided to do so, you may think about time interval to do so. They are long lasting, beautiful and efficient in their function as well, making reduction in sunlight entrance at your home and cooling off the place, especially in summers.

How long does an orangery design take?

Well, there are several factors, affecting the time take to install these brick structures at your home.

Size of the place

It is a quick and cost effective way to add extra living space within your home, however depending on the size of place, the time differ for building orangery design at your home.


If you have money available for the extension, the process is simpler. Look out for the orangery designers and builders and take the initial quote. If you are ready for the extension, it is built in small number of days. The average orangery costs upwards of £20,000 still you can always ask for reduction.

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